In the prescribed time, to provide quality Pre-charged Disposable E Cigarette and services, is our solemn commitment. We will further improve the internal management system of the enterprise, enhance market competitiveness and improve the popularity of the company. Since its establishment, the company has consistently pursued higher service quality and faster service efficiency. Looking forward to the future, the company adheres to the cooperative attitude of "integrity cooperation and common development", adheres to the spirit of integrity, unity, truth-seeking, and innovation, and resolutely fulfills the service tenet of "Your satisfaction is our pursuit", and provides powerful services for your career development.



Size: 19*19*101mm

Liquid Capacity: 7.0ml

Battery capacity: 950mAh

Nicotine by volume: 5%

1 case/300pcs (18.5kg)

Case size: 41*40*32.5cm


35 Flavors



3.Lush ice

4.Peach Ice

5.Blue razz

6.Mixed berry

7.Pink Lemonade

8. Passion fruit mango

9.Mojito lime

10.Mint Lemonade

11.B.R.G ice

12.Guava ice

13.Pineapple juice ice

14.Mint ice

15.Energy drink

16.Cherry ice

17.Kiwi ice

18.Blackberry ice

19.Cucumber ice

20.Cotton candy

21.Blueberry ice

22.Bubble gum

23.Strawberry Watermelon

24.Blackberry Raspberry Orange

25.Mango Guava

26.Strawberry ice

27. cherry pomegranate

28.Raspberry lemon

29. Double apple

30. Grape blueberry

31.Blackberry grape ice

32.Strawberry banana ice

33.Mixed fruit

34.Cola lime

35.Passion fruit pomegranate watermelon



We have further increased the manufacturing and sales of various new products, ensuring that our Pre-charged Disposable E Cigarette is at an advanced level in the industry, and achieving the strategic goal of sustainable development. We are based on the sense of responsibility, the overall concept and the sense of teamwork that we dare to assume, and hope to join hands with the industry to advance together. We wholeheartedly provide our customers with corresponding products and support, and look forward to forming a stable relationship with friends from all walks of life and working hand in hand to create a better future!

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