We always regard quality of Coffee Flavored Disposable E Cigs as the life of our enterprise and strive to achieve and maintain the best product quality among our peers. We make full use of the integration of external resources and internal resources, and have made breakthroughs in a number of technological innovations. Refinement is reflected in the field of production and operation, that is, excellence and meticulousness; reflected in the field of thought, that is, to have a lofty spiritual realm. If we can make every employee willing to dedicate their love to the company, then what power can stop us from moving forward.



Size: 25*25*116mm

Liquid Capacity: 8.0ml

Battery capacity: 1100mAh

Nicotine by volume: 5.0%

1 case/300pcs (20.5kg)

Case size: 42*41*32.5 cm


16 Flavors

1.Lush ice

2.Grape ice

3.Pineapple juice ice

4.Blueberry ice

5.Passion fruit ice

6.Blackberry ice

7.Mint king

8.Blueberry Raspberry ice

9.Strawberry Watermelon ice

10.Strawberry Mango ice

11.Pineapple Mango ice

12.Mango Guava ice

13.Blackberry Raspberry ice

14.Raspberry Watermelon ice

15.Passion fruit Mango ice

16.Grape Berry ice



The implementation of sustainable development strategy allows us to have more time and energy to realize the research and development of new Coffee Flavored Disposable E Cigs. More thoughtful service, more effective coordination and more effective supervision are the effective ways to apply scientific means in efficiency management and realize the purpose of enterprises. We hope to build a learning-oriented enterprise, rely on scientific and technological progress, and accelerate the pace of development.

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