We have always taken it as our responsibility to provide customers with quality Popular Single Use Ecigs and good services, and have received many awards from the community. After our efforts in Entrepreneurship and concerted development, we are now standing on the high ground of the industry and continuing to explore and innovate. We believe that the interests of employees are closely related to the business performance of the enterprise, and only when the enterprise has a good prospect, the fundamental interests of employees can be guaranteed. We will once again enhance our overall capabilities and greatly improve our ability and quality to serve our customers.



Size: 25*25*116mm

Liquid Capacity: 8.0ml

Battery capacity: 1100mAh

Nicotine by volume: 5.0%

1 case/300pcs (20.5kg)

Case size: 42*41*32.5 cm


16 Flavors

1.Lush ice

2.Grape ice

3.Pineapple juice ice

4.Blueberry ice

5.Passion fruit ice

6.Blackberry ice

7.Mint king

8.Blueberry Raspberry ice

9.Strawberry Watermelon ice

10.Strawberry Mango ice

11.Pineapple Mango ice

12.Mango Guava ice

13.Blackberry Raspberry ice

14.Raspberry Watermelon ice

15.Passion fruit Mango ice

16.Grape Berry ice



We have an in-depth understanding of the needs and expectations of our customers, so that our Popular Single Use Ecigs can be widely loved by customers. Increasing productivity and quality gradually is no longer enough to maintain market leadership, so our company continues to improve our service capabilities. We continuously strengthen the fine control of production organization and operation of environmental protection facilities to achieve safe and clean production.

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