From the perspective of respecting customers, serving customers and meeting every demand of customers, we develop new Paint Disposable Electronic Cigarette, guide consumption, and provide considerate services while providing satisfactory goods. We adhere to our original intention and mission, and carry the heavy responsibility of serving the country in the industry, we need every team and every employee to keep the passion and struggle. We are actively promoting the building of corporate competitiveness and building a technology platform after several years of efforts. We continue to provide value-added services for users, improve service capabilities, meet existing users, tap potential users, and comprehensively improve services.




Liquid Capacity: 12ml

Battery capacity: 1500 mAh

Nicotine by volume: 5%

1 case/200pcs (19.5kg)

Case size: 63.5x26.5x27.3cm


20 Flavors

1.Mango ice

2.Blueberry ie

3.Double apple

4.Strawberry watermelon ice

5.Ice cream

6.Strawberry kiwi ice

7.Cola ice

8.Grape ice

9.Blueberry raspberry

10.Peach Ice

11.Cherry Pomecranate

12.Lush Ice

13.Blackberry Ice

14.Mixed berry

15.Strawberry raspberry

16.Banana ice

17.Cherry blueberry

18.Blackberry raspberry lemon

19.Melon ice

20.Passion fruit mango lime



We will continue to develop market space with the most sophisticated Paint Disposable Electronic Cigarette and perfect after-sales service, and strive to become the most professional and leading company in this field! We encourage employees to abide by the rules, be loyal and dedicated, and encourage employees to play their strengths and boldly innovate. We will continue to take deepening reform and innovation as the driving force and adhere to the industrial synergy development strategy without wavering.

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