We are committed to building a model enterprise with high quality Best Disposable Vape Pen, fine management, complementary industries, intelligent and efficient, and green and low-carbon. Our company integrates scientific research and production. We always pay attention to talents and scientific research investment. We are well aware that to grasp product quality, we must first improve quality awareness. Employees who do not pay attention to product quality cannot produce good products. Since its establishment, our company has actively participated in relevant international technical exchanges, and has close technical cooperation with relevant domestic universities.




Liquid Capacity: 12ml

Battery capacity: 1500 mAh

Nicotine by volume: 5%

1 case/200pcs (19.5kg)

Case size: 63.5x26.5x27.3cm


20 Flavors

1.Mango ice

2.Blueberry ie

3.Double apple

4.Strawberry watermelon ice

5.Ice cream

6.Strawberry kiwi ice

7.Cola ice

8.Grape ice

9.Blueberry raspberry

10.Peach Ice

11.Cherry Pomecranate

12.Lush Ice

13.Blackberry Ice

14.Mixed berry

15.Strawberry raspberry

16.Banana ice

17.Cherry blueberry

18.Blackberry raspberry lemon

19.Melon ice

20.Passion fruit mango lime



We use innovative technology to integrate resources, improve the efficiency of the supply chain and promote the development of the Best Disposable Vape Pen industry. We are gathering strength, striding forward, never forgetting our original intention and forging ahead. Pursuing profit and leading technology are two basic tasks of our company.

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