By strictly implementing our production process, we will continue to improve the quality of our Iget Legend Iget 4000 Puffs Electronic Cigarette and meet the needs of our customers as always. We will vigorously carry forward the enterprise spirit of unity and realism, pioneering and innovation, and the pursuit of excellence to develop continuously. In the future, our company will continue to uphold the spirit of "inspiration, stability and innovation". We take customer satisfaction as the standard, and provide professional, sincere and caring services for our customers.



Size: 22*22*122mm

Liquid Capacity: 12ml

Battery capacity: 1350mAh

Nicotine by volume:5%

1 case/200pcs (14.5kg)

case size:27X39X33.8cm


26 flavors

1.Grape ice

2.Lush ice

3.Passion fruit mango ice

4.Peach pineapple lime

5.Strawberry watermelon

6.Blueberry raspberry grape ice

7.Blackberry ice

8.Cola lemon soda

9. Strawberry kiwi ice

10.Mango banana ice

11.Passion fruit melon ice

12.Raspberry watermelon lemon

13.Pink lemon orange ice melon lemon

15.Plain coffee

16.Watermelon Kiwi pomegranate

17.Pineapple watermelon lemon ice

18.Peach guava strawberry ice

19.Blueberry blackberry ice

20.Aloe mango cantaloupe

21.Mango banana melon new

22.Blueberry berries blackcurrant

23.Passion fruit grape orange

24.Passion fruit watermelon ice

25.Peach strawberry ice

26.Fresh mint







We believe that the market is competitive and quality, cost and service are the core of winning, so we strictly manage and carefully operate to produce quality Iget Legend Iget 4000 Puffs Electronic Cigarette. The company carries out team learning in an organized manner according to the development strategy. Under the background of economic globalization, we strive to become a large industrial group with diversified development, high social responsibility and sustainable development ability.

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