Specs Size: 22*22*122mm Liquid Capacity: 12ml Battery capacity: 1350mAh Nicotine by volume:5%

1 Box=10pcs 1 case/200pcs (14.5kg) case size:27X39X33.8cm

25 flavors

1.Mango banana ice 2.Passion fruit melon ice 3.Pink lemon orange ice 4.Cola lemon soda 5.Strawberry kiwi ice 6.Blackberry ice 7.Passion fruit mango ice 8.Peach pineapple lime 9.Lush ice 10.Grape ice 11.Strawberry watermelon 12.Raspberry watermelon lemon 13.Blueberry raspberry grape 14.Watermelon Kiwi pomegranate 15.Orange melon lemon 16.Peach guava strawberry ice 17.Blueberry blackberry ice 18.Aloe mango cantaloupe 19.Plain coffee 20.Pineapple watermelon lemon ice 21.Mango banana melon New

22.Blueberry berries blackcurrant New

23.Passion fruit grape orange New

24.Passion fruit watermelon ice New

25.Peach strawberry ice New

26.Fresh mint New












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