We are far-sighted, aiming at building a world advanced enterprise, pursuing leading technology, and providing the world with high quality IGET XXL Disposable Electronic Cigarette Disposable Vaporize and services. In terms of technology, we continue to increase R&D investment, optimize product structure, and improve product performance to satisfy the requirements of customers. We have leading equipment level, manufacturing capability, strong supply chain management capability and strict quality assurance system. We will continue to practice in the industry and make unremitting efforts to promote the development of the industry.



Size: 19*19*101mm

Liquid Capacity: 7.0ml

Battery capacity: 950mAh

Nicotine by volume: 5%

1 case/300pcs (18.5kg)

Case size: 41*40*32.5cm


35 Flavors

1.Grape 2.Mango

3.Lush ice 4.Peach Ice

5.Blue razz 6.Mixed berry

7.Pink Lemonade 8. Passion fruit mango

9.Mojito lime 10.Mint Lemonade

11.B.R.G ice 12.Guava ice

13.Pineapple juice ice 14.Mint ice

15.Energy drink 16.Cherry ice

17.Kiwi ice 18.Blackberry ice

19.Cucumber ice 20.Cotton candy

21.Blueberry ice 22.Bubble gum

23.Strawberry Watermelon

24.Blackberry Raspberry Orange

25.Mango Guava

26.Strawberry ice

27. Cherry pomegranate

28.Raspberry lemon

29. Double apple

30. Grape blueberry

31.Blackberry grape ice

32.Strawberry banana ice

33.Mixed fruit

34.Cola lime

35.Passion fruit pomegranate watermelon



We have a high quality automated production line that can develop and produce exquisite IGET XXL Disposable Electronic Cigarette Disposable Vaporize for promoting the common development of domestic and foreign industries. Our value allocation is based on ability, responsibility, contribution and performance, and is based on the principles of performance first, fairness and sustainable development. We take up the economic responsibility of creating social material wealth and making the company grow and develop continuously.

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