Our Original Disposable Vape Pod Iget Vape Shion 600puffs are not only refined, but also diversified to meet the needs of different customers. We encourage extensive stakeholder participation to continuously improve the company's environmental management. In the fierce market competition, our company takes "integrity, pragmatism, refinement and innovation" as the purpose, and provides users with high-quality and reputable services with a high degree of professionalism. We really have to care about our employees and our customers and consider the interests of the larger community before we make any decisions.



Size: 92.4*14.5*14.5mm

Liquid Capacity: 2.4ml

Battery capacity: 400mAh

Nicotine by volume: 6%

1 case/600pcs (17.5kg)

Case size: 54.5*32.5*25cm


26 Flavors

1.Apple 2.Banana ice

3.Blue razz 4.Blueberry ice

5.Bubble gum 6. Blackberry ice

7.CantAloupe 8.Cool mint

9.Cola ice 10.Classic tobacco

11.Cinnamon 12.Cranberry ice

13.Flavor burst 14. Grape

15.Lush ice 16.Lychee Ice

17.Mystery fruit 18. Mango

19.Mixed fruit 20.Pink Lemonade

21.Pineapple ice 22.Peach Ice

23.Passion fruit 24. Strawberry

25.Starwberry watermelon 26.Very berry



Customer needs are our continuous pursuit. We are guided by customer needs, insist on improving and innovating products, and constantly develop leading Original Disposable Vape Pod Iget Vape Shion 600puffs in the industry. The company always follows the business philosophy of "people-oriented, technology-based, honest and trustworthy, repaying the society", and faces the competition of domestic and foreign markets with ease. We believe that only by providing customers with the most effective services can we establish a lasting cooperative relationship.

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